Your Dream Summer Wedding Within Your Budget

summer weddingWhen planning your wedding, there are many details, and each has a price tag attached to it. If you are a budget conscious bride, you may think that hiring a professional floral designer may be out of your reach. But Todd McBride of Billy Heroman’s has some good news for every Baton Rouge couple.

“We help any bride no matter how large or small the budget is. We never turn a bride away, no matter how short of notice or how busy we are, even on holidays.”

McBride adds that the approach is unique to the floral industry. Billy Heroman’s works with the bride to maximize her budget in any way necessary. When a bride decides to make a decision based solely on cost, she has very little control of the quality of the flowers and even limits her own options – a conversation with an expert florist will open the door to many possibilities. “We offer to design arrangements in several price ranges – good, better, best. The difference in price may be reflected in the size of the arrangement or the types of flowers we use.”

If a bride simply asks florists to bid on a specific type of flower, she may not realize that the flower is out of season, or not readily available; which will result in expensive floral solutions. But a professional designer has a vast knowledge base of all types of flowers, and can make recommendations that will give the same effect, but at a lower cost. “For example,” Todd says, “the hydrangea is a large flower which comes in multiple colors – it can fill the space of 6 roses beautifully.”

Billy Heroman’s also works with brides to utilize her flowers in a smart way. Bridesmaids bouquets can be placed in vases and used as table décor or centerpieces at the reception. Ceremony arrangements can be moved to the food table at your dinner, and the toss bouquet can be utilized as a register table arrangement. With hundreds of weddings behind us, we have ideas and suggestions that will allow you to make the very most of your budget, while not sacrificing gorgeous wedding flowers.

McBride recommends that every bride meet face to face with a professional wedding florist to discuss her dream for her perfect wedding, and how we can bring it to life, regardless of budget. It’s your wedding day – don’t make a decision based on low cost. Call Billy Heroman’s Flowers and Gifts and we will create a designer summer wedding just for you.