2017 Pantone Colors for Spring

pantone colorsEvery year, fashion designers reveal their collections for the following season. Experts at the Pantone Color Institute are paying close attention, as the palettes used by the most successful designers heavily influence the announcement of Pantone’s famous “Color of the Year” award. But before the top winner is revealed, a Color Report shares the Top 10 colors for the next season. The spring colors for 2017 represent a diverse grouping of shades inspired by nature. For the perfect flowers in all these trending Pantone colors, trust the experts at Billy Heroman’s Flowers.
Although there are several paler shades in the top list, the vivid colors seem to dominate with brilliant hues. Of three pink shades chosen, the brilliant hot Pink Yarrow brings the most energy. However, Pale Dogwood and Hazelnut – an earthy, neutral dusty rose – have their own special appeal. Arrange them all together, and you’ve got a gorgeous spring palette that is both romantic and  trendy.  pantone colors

The two warmest shades on the trending color list are Primrose Yellow, and Flame, a vibrant orange color that brings the heat.  Orange bouquets are truly unique, but they also become instantly tropical when you add Lapis Blue.

pantone colors

Lapis Blue is the deepest of the trio of blues, and is joined by the subtle aqua Island Paradise, and the denim-inspired Niagara.

pantone colors

The list is completed with two shades of green, and insiders indicate that one of them is likely to be named the color of the year. Keep an eye on this blog to learn if Kale or Greenery takes the top honor – or if one of the above colors turns out to be the experts choice.

pantone colorsExperiment with combining several of the top colors for a unique bouquet that perfectly represents your personality and style!

If you are planning a Baton Rouge area wedding, the spring Pantone colors are a great place to begin when considering your dresses, flowers, and venue decor. The floral designers at Billy Heroman’s Flowers are here to help you select the most beautiful trending flowers for your special day.

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