Floral Wedding Proposal Inspiration

proposal inspirationAsking someone to marry you is exciting and intimidating all at once. Whether you are looking to stage an elaborate proposal – or a simple, intimate affair is more your style – putting thought into the planning of the big event is always advised. In the nervousness of the moment, you don’t want to forget anything. Setting things up beforehand, or enlisting the help of a couple of accomplices, may help to keep the butterflies to a minimum. At Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts, we have worked with quite a few Baton Rouge couples from the engagement to the wedding day; and we look forward to offering our help and proposal inspiration to you as well!

proposal inspiration

Create excitement leading up to the proposal by building a bouquet all day long! Leave a rose on your sweetheart’s car in the morning, have a few more stems delivered to their desk throughout the day, even have a complete stranger approach them with a few flowers as they leave work! They will be wondering all day what is going on, and by the time you deliver the final rose and the ring, the anticipation will be overflowing!

Another way to build intrigue throughout the day is to scatter rose petals in random places that you know they will be walking, the more public the better! proposal inspiration

Although many people choose red roses for their symbolism, you can choose any flowers that have significance to you as a couple. Select the same bouquet that you brought to your first date, or perhaps your loved ones favorite type of flower.

Just for You: Let our floral designers create a gorgeous arrangement inspired by the ring  – a traditional white arrangement with silver details for a platinum and diamond ring, or a soft vintage arrangement for an antique ring. We can design the ring right into the flowers. After so many years in the business, you can trust us to provide stunning proposal inspiration!

Billy Heroman’s Flower’s and Gifts is Baton Rouge’s premier wedding florist for good reason – stop in today to speak to us about your proposal, and come back to plan your wedding. Good luck and don’t be too nervous – it’s going to be beautiful!