Stargazer Lilies, the Perfect Wedding Flowers

shutterstock_171266801With it’s bold pink standing in stark contrast to the delicate white, the stargazer lily makes a beautiful display in your wedding flowers. The brilliant pink easily complements greens, blues and purples as you look to add a splash of color to your floral arrangements and bouquets. The large size of the flowers means they make a statement and can stand on their own with only a few of the flowers in each arrangement. Billy Heroman’s Flowers, Gifts and Plantscaping will help you build your wedding around these big, bold flowers as you look to add a little color to your event.

What Are Stargazer Lilies?

Stargazer lilies most often feature large petals that most often boast a deep fuchsia color that are tipped in a delicate white. The flowers can range in color from pure white to nearly pure pink, but the pink and white variety is the most popular and most widely recognized. These flowers also have a lovely scent that adds to their beauty.

Stargazer lilies are a relatively new hybrid in the lily family, and one that is shrouded in mystery. American lily grower Leslie Woodrull introduced the flower in 1978, and the flowers he used to cultivated it were not well recorded. Regardless, the flower has been embraced so fully that it feels as though it has been part of the lily family forever. Today, it is one of the most highly sought-after varieties of lilies, particularly for brides-to-be.

The stargazer lily gets its name from the way the flowers point towards the sky. The name evokes the sense of hope, optimism and possibility. It has been the symbol of perfection and mystery since it was introduced in 1978. It is also said to represent times of celebration, which is why it so often makes an appearance in wedding flowers.

1002421-12072732006Using the Stargazer in Your Wedding

The stargazer lily can be incorporated into just about nay wedding arrangement. While too large for a boutonnière or corsage, it can easily be incorporated into your wedding bouquet, Often just one or two of these lilies surrounded by roses and other flowers makes a bold bouquet statement.


The large size of the stargazer makes it an ideal flower for reception decor or ceremony decor. No matter where you wish to use it, the team at Billy Heroman’s will help you design your unique, custom arrangement. Let us help you incorporate the stargazer into your wedding plans!