How to Use Flowers at Bridal Showers

UntitledAn event traditionally attended by only female friends and family members, an integral component of the party’s decor should incorporate floral elements as beautiful as the women celebrating. A bridal shower, however, deserves more than just a single bouquet on the cake table. Flowers can be a part of the bridal shower’s decor theme by using the bright blooms in creative ways like following fun ideas.

Garden Party – Although this seems like an obvious solution to incorporating flowers into bridal shower decor, a garden party is a wonderful theme for a bridal shower. If the weather’s nice, it allows you take the party outside to fill with potted plants, trellises, and shade umbrellas. To keep this theme casual, we suggest using whimsical elements with your floral arrangements like curly willow branches and wildflowers. We love the idea of sipping tea with all of your closest friends surrounded by the beauty of flowers in the comfort of the backyard.

Garden Bar – Create a bridal shower drink bar your to stand out from all the rest. Accompanying a garden party theme perfectly, an edible flower bar will wow and entertain guests. Stock the bar with several varieties of edible flowers such as marigolds, wild hibiscus, edible pansies, or mini florets. The petals will look pretty and taste especially good in champagne, white or pink wine, lemonade, and iced tea.

Flower Accessories – Set up a station with an assortment of wildflowers with long stems for your young or young at heart guests to weave crowns of flowers and daisy chains. Your guests will have a ball beautifying themselves, playing princess for a day, at your daisy chain station. Your guests can even take the blooms home to dry or press as a keepsake.

Party Favors – Send your guests home with a piece of joy from the shower and the beginnings of their own garden with plantable party favors. There are several options for seed favors including fun boxes of seeds, confetti with seeds, and even paper containing seeds from which you can craft place cards or origami favors. Later your guests will enjoy watching their flowers grow and bloom.

However you choose to use flowers at your bridal shower, our professional florists at Billy Heroman’s can help you create the perfect setting in which to celebrate your upcoming wedding with your closest friends and family.