Billy Heromans – Vintage Weddings

vintage weddingTrends come and go, but some themes seem to maintain their popularity regardless of the fads of fashion. When it comes to weddings, vintage is an enduring motif; perhaps because although always nostalgia and romantic, vintage weddings are open to wide interpretation and expression.


While some people are always looking for the newest, next big thing; many brides look to the past for this most special of occasions. A vintage wedding evokes a sense of legacy and an homage to those who walked before us. And they are truly beautiful as well.

vintage wedding

The most obvious elements of a vintage wedding day are the dress and the flowers. A traditional wedding veil made of old lace is an elegant touch; while jewelry passed down through generations is not only visually stunning, it holds a special place in the bride and groom’s heart. Whether a silver brooch on a sweetheart dress or a string of pearls draped over the wedding bouquet; these sentimental touches are personal and touching, exactly as it should be on a wedding day.


You can choose an older venue for the ceremony and reception to surround guests in history. However, any venue can be transformed into a vintage location with the right choice of accents and floral arrangements. Utilizing vintage glassware, lighting elements and candles go a long way to transforming the mood.

vintage wedding


When it comes to the cake, let Billy Heroman’s help you to design a delicious centerpiece that transcends time, with classic big bows, timeless floral blooms and antique wedding cake platters and settings.



When it comes to designing your perfect vintage day, from wedding flowers to the venue ambiance, Billy Heroman’s of Baton Rouge is your wedding source. You bring your wedding ideas, we’ll help you bring them to life; whether vintage or modern, our florists are here to help you create the wedding day of your dreams